5 Ways to Increase Productivity When You Can’t Focus

On days where you can’t focus, and find yourself not getting any work done, you may be stressing yourself out more in the long run. This can lead you to having too many things to do and not enough time to do it.  There’s nothing like the feeling of going to bed knowing you were able to accomplish everything you wanted to that day, so to help you achieve that feeling, here is a list of things that will increase your productivity levels: 

1. Make Lists 

I cannot stress how important this one is enough. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I make a list of everything I need to get done, and cross it off when I finish. This way I can keep track of all my tasks, stay focused and it makes me feel significantly less overwhelmed. 

2. Set Daily Goals 

This goes hand in hand with the lists- make a list of all the things you want to accomplish that day and cross them off as you get them done. Daily goals can include completing certain assignments, running errands, and meal prep. 

3. Complete Easier Tasks First 

This is something my mom always tells me to do when I’m feeling stressed and it has proved tried and true time and time again.  Completing easier tasks first allows you to be able to knock things off your list quickly, leaving you with only the harder things on your list to focus on. 

4. Keep Your Area Clean 

Personally, working in a clutter can be overwhelming and it makes me feel like I can’t focus, so make sure you make time in your day to clean the space you will be working in to put your mind at ease. 

5. Wake Up Early 

I know this isn’t what anyone wants to hear, but waking up early and getting things done can increase your productivity instead of sleeping in until noon. Studies have shown the successful and productive people wake up earlier, check out this article. 


All in all, staying productive requires a certain amount of discipline, but these are some of my ways of staying productive. 

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